Elected leaders were stirred to change the conditions following Hurricane Katrina to benefit the City’s youth, who had few options to engage in positive and healthy activities. An ordinance, creating the thirteen-member New Orleans Development Recreation Commission (NORD Commission) and the private 501(c)(3) New Orleans Recreation Development Foundation (NORD Foundation) to facilitate investment in its work, was approved by 74% of voters in October 2010.   


The purpose of the NORD Foundation is to facilitate investment in NORD to provide equal access to quality recreational opportunities. Our work supports NORD's mission to advance the physical, mental, and social well-being of New Orleanians by providing safe and welcoming environments for recreational, athletic, and cultural experiences. 


In September 2017, NORD achieved national accreditation, the culmination of an arduous journey from post-Katrina dysfunction and achievement of an ambitious five-year goal set in our Boston Consulting Group strategic plan. Accreditation assures the public that NORD is implementing national best practices, meeting at least 151 benchmarks of quality.  Only 1% of parks and recreation agencies in the country are accredited, and NORD is the second accredited system in Louisiana, after BREC in Baton Rouge.